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Cabinet Door Making.Com is an idea in action by Gene Hammond of Hammond Constuting, Inc.

It's purpose is to help promote Cabinet Door Manufacturers. You might ask why Gene would want to promote such as nitche industry and why would he do it for FREE. These are good questions and yes there is an alterior motive. You see Gene first developed a software product for Cabinet Door making back in 1987. The product was developed while he was heading up a layout department for a large cabinet shop in Berkley, California. It was actually a "side Job" that he did in his spare time. The first release was installed at Burman Cabinet's in Campbell, California. As the story goes, that was a fatefull endeaver, the software was tagged "Doorlister" and now, more than 24 years later, Gene is still working on Doorlister® and has customers all across the United States, Canade and Australia.

A few years back, Cabinet Door was developed to help promote Cabinet Door Makers. If cabinet door makers do good, then perhaps, more of them will look into Doorlister to help manage their businesses...

Let us know what  you think and how you like the site. If you want to get your company listed on this site then use the Get Listed link at the top r;ight of any page, however you must be in the business of making cabinet doors and selling them to others.